Adam D.H. Grant at AMIA’s Digital Asset Symposium 2014 May 2014

Adam D.H. Grant presented “Access, Privacy & Liability: Do You Understand Your Digital Liability” at the Association of Moving Image Archivists’ (AMIA) 2014 Digital Asset Symposium (DAS) held at the Linwood Dunn Theater in Los Angeles, California on May 15-16, 2014.

AMIA is the world’s largest association of moving image archivists whose annual symposium brings together experts [...]

Adam D.H. Grant Featured Speaker at the Los Angeles Paralegal Association Event Apr 2014

Adam D.H. Grant will be the featured speaker at the Los Angeles Paralegal Association (LAPA) – San Fernando Valley Section event on Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Adam will present, “How to Develop an Effective and Ethical Social Media Policy for Your Firm”.

Many people are aware of the benefits associated with the use of social media, but [...]

IoT meets VR: The Next Concern Over Mobile Privacy By Adam D.H.Grant Apr 2014

In the beginning of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it seemed as if every sponsor and vendor was introducing a product that demonstrated a deep commitment to mobile technology and its interaction with the “Internet of Things.” Clearly, 2014 appeared to be the year mobile technology would move from a consumer’s interaction only with their [...]

SFVBJ: Decision Near on Low-Cost Mediation Service Apr 2014

The San Fernando Valley Business Journal reports that a joint project of ADR Services mediator, Myer Sankary and the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, with its president Adam D.H. Grant, is close to fruition. The proposed Valley Bar Mediation Center, a non-profit low-cost option to other costlier private alternative dispute companies is working with Rotary Clubs and other [...]

Gary L. Barr at Southwestern Law School’s Career Panel Series Apr 2014

Southwestern Law School held a series of career panels last month to give their students an in depth view of the day to day practice of law. Southwestern alum, Gary L. Barr was a panelist for “Careers in Business Law” where practicing attorneys spoke about their work, how their careers have progressed and practicing in this area of law.

App Law and Which Way I Ought To Go From Here By Adam D.H. Grant Apr 2014

“Which law do I have to comply with when I develop my mobile app?” is a question Adam Grant is often asked as the Chief Legal Contributor of App Developer Magazine and as a frequent speaker at mobile app industry conventions around the country. So, which law should an app developer follow and what should one do if certain laws conflict?

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Adam D.H. Grant on Exit Coach Radio Mar 2014

Adam D.H. Grant was a featured guest on Exit Coach Radio hosted by Bill Black last Wednesday, March 19th. Adam spoke about strategies on how business owners may grow and protect their businesses, and how Mobile App Law, Online Privacy Laws and the “Internet of Things” may affect their businesses.

Exit Coach Radio interviews [...]

San Fernando Valley Bar Association Recognizes Mandela Legacy Mar 2014

Adam D.H. Grant, President of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) and Richard A. Lewis, Past President of the SFVBA are pictured with South African Consul General Cyril S. Ndaba as the SFVBA present a proclamation honoring Mandela’s legacy.

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Should Mobile App Developers Create Analytics to Track the NSA? By Adam D.H. Grant Mar 2014

During this past year, the news about just how much privacy do the consumers have, want, think they want or hope they still have, has been endless. During this past year, Edward Snowden (the former National Security Agency contractor) shed light on just how much information is being gathered and by whom. The consumers also learned that the mobile app, “Angry Birds,” and others, gather far more information than they ever dreamed about.

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Adam D.H. Grant Featured on the San Fernando Valley Business Journal Feb 2014

Adam D.H. Grant was featured on the February 24, 2014 edition of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The Law Section Special Report titled “Bar Code” discusses how “the digital revolution is radically changing the practice of law”.

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Gary L. Barr at the 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute Conference Feb 2014

Gary L. Barr spoke at the Manufactured Housing Institute’s annual winter meeting in Arlington, Virginia where he discussed recent updates to California lending laws before the organization’s Finance Lawyers Committee.