Lobbying and Strategic Advocacy
Connecting with governmental entities and businesses that are in need of specialized services to resolve problems can be a challenging proposition. Businesses, individuals, associations and municipalities frequently face issues that require assistance from outside professionals and vendors. It takes a skilled well-connected lobbyist to break through the clutter and create an impactful voice for our clients to successfully obtain an audience with these entities.
With over 30-years of unparalleled experience as a community and civic leader servicing a myriad of non-profit, community, philanthropic, healthcare, government boards and commission at various levels and infrastructure boards, Lee Kanon Alpert offers this experience and the expertise needed to deliver results and leads this area of the firm’s practice.
At Alpert Barr & Grant you will find our advocacy efforts are led with the confidence and experience. We build coalitions and mobilize connections giving clients the ability to be heard. Successful lobbying and advocacy require strong ethics and just the right connections to deliver success. We provide assistance to a wide array of public and private entities.
The areas in which we assist clients include:

  • Aviation/Transportation
  • Cable Telecommunication
  • Environmental regulation
  • Government contracting and procurements
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Public works
  • Real estate and project development
  • Renewable Energy/Water