Mark S. Blackman Authors Commentary On Homeowner’s Bill Of Rights In Daily Jourrnal Posted by on Aug 24 2012

Mark S. Blackman is the author of an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Daily Journal on the recently passed Homeowner’s Bill of Rights. The commentary, titled “Homeowner’s Bill of Rights Opens Door to Frivolous Lawsuits,” appeared in the August 23 issue. In it, Blackman warns, “the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights will only serve to delay foreclosures for those who cannot afford to pay or to permit a disgruntled or disappointed borrower to file a potentially groundless lawsuit. While the Legislature’s intent may have been well meaning, the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights may ultimately only serve to further burden already over-extended courts with lawsuits or otherwise permit debtors to use its vague terms to try to exact money from lenders.”