Case Studies for Mark Blackman
  • Successfully litigated a dispute for a major national lender regarding real estate lien priority disputes and rights to surplus funds after foreclosure. The ensuing Court of Appeal decision in the client’s favor set the standard for determining real estate lien priorities.
  • Drafted loan and foreclosure documents assisting financial institution clients to assure compliance with California real estate and lending laws including the California Finance Lender’s Law, the Mobilehome-Manufactured Housing Act and the California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights.
  • Successfully defended a wrongful manufactured home foreclosure case where the debtors intentionally refused to make loan payments due to a dispute with a manufactured home dealer’s home installation. Debtors then asserted that the lender had improperly foreclosed on the home and mishandled the actual foreclosure sale.
  • Assisted manufactured housing lenders resolve titling disputes and reinstate their security interests by working with state and local governmental officials to successfully unwind borrower’s wrongful conversion of personal property manufactured homes.
  • Successfully represented lenders and loan servicers to protect their collateral in Federal and State Courts where borrowers had committed loan fraud and bankruptcy court fraud. Worked with the FBI on fraudulent state court and bankruptcy court filings by an unscrupulous debtor.
  • Frequently litigate lien stripping and property valuation cases in Bankruptcy Court.
  • Successfully handled interpleader actions for foreclosure companies.
  • Advised foreclosure trustees and financial institutions on lending and state compliance issues.