Case Studies for Lee K. Alpert
  • Represented a major developer in Southern California in selling a valuable and significant parcel of land to a large municipal entity. Was able to resurrect the deal which had died and then lingered for many years prior, creating a significant benefit for both the developer and the municipal entity and a win-win structured deal for both sides.
  • Successfully facilitated the acquisition of two telecom companies by another telecom company. Lee played an integral part in the negotiations of over 60 franchise transfers in various municipalities without one elected official voting against the transfers.
  • Represented a major international cable operator negotiating franchise agreements and ongoing resolutions to legal disputes such as audits, complaints, customer service issues, issues of alleged noncompliance and other franchise issues with the government and local municipalities. This included the successful negotiation of major litigation between parties.
  • Assisted a national engineering concern in successfully responding to a request for proposal from a major public Southern California utility provider. Was able to overcome a huge problem in the bid and award process causing the utility provider to resend the bids again in the successful conclusion and award to our client.
  • Represented an entrepreneur in the sale of his bio-tech investment in a major biotech company founded by the entrepreneur, over a long and successful term. This complicated negotiation resulted in a multi-million dollar deal creating unanticipated significant savings in taxes and fees for the entrepreneur.
  • Assisted a major bio-technology firm in preventing legislation damaging to the business survival and retaining its financial benefit while substantially helping the community.
  • Strategically enabled a national technology firm to become accepted on a pre-approved list for future work with a major public entity.
  • Participated in the drafting and successful introduction of two pieces of state legislation into the health care field. This enabled a major health care provider to remain within a needed community and placed restrictions on the future sale of acute health care facilities. This legislation also placed restrictions on a REIT’s ability to sell or use such land for other purposes when a community needs it for an existing facility.