Case Studies for Gary Barr
  • Represented a client in the sale of a large commercial building in Northern California.
  • Negotiated and drafted a 20 year ground lease on behalf of a property owner.
  • Represented a client in the purchases of two large apartment complexes.
  • Successfully negotiated the sale of a business to investors.
  • Prosecuted a federal case for a loan servicing company for bad faith waste, which resulted in a judgment against the defendants for over $2.9 million
  • Successfully defended a client who was sued on a Promissory Note for in excess of $1 million. The Court ruled that the client did not owe the money to the plaintiff and awarded our client attorneys’ fees.
  • Successfully prosecuted a case to establish an easement for ingress and egress to the clients’ property. The case settled immediately before trial with the clients obtaining the easement they sought and needed for their property.
  • Defended a bank in a claim for over $3 million for breaching a contract to enter into a loan program.