San Fernando Valley Bar Association Recognizes Mandela Legacy Mar 2014

Adam D.H. Grant, President of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association (SFVBA) and Richard A. Lewis, Past President of the SFVBA are pictured with South African Consul General Cyril S. Ndaba as the SFVBA present a proclamation honoring Mandela’s legacy.

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Should Mobile App Developers Create Analytics to Track the NSA? By Adam D.H. Grant Mar 2014

During this past year, the news about just how much privacy do the consumers have, want, think they want or hope they still have, has been endless. During this past year, Edward Snowden (the former National Security Agency contractor) shed light on just how much information is being gathered and by whom. The consumers also learned that the mobile app, “Angry Birds,” and others, gather far more information than they ever dreamed about.

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Adam D.H. Grant Featured on the San Fernando Valley Business Journal Feb 2014

Adam D.H. Grant was featured on the February 24, 2014 edition of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The Law Section Special Report titled “Bar Code” discusses how “the digital revolution is radically changing the practice of law”.

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Gary L. Barr at the 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute Conference Feb 2014

Gary L. Barr spoke at the Manufactured Housing Institute’s annual winter meeting in Arlington, Virginia where he discussed recent updates to California lending laws before the organization’s Finance Lawyers Committee.

Lee Kanon Alpert and Gary L. Barr Named 2014 Super Lawyers Feb 2014

Super Lawyers have named Lee Kanon Alpert and Gary L. Barr as two of the top attorneys in Southern California for 2014. No more than 5 percent of lawyers in California receive this honor.

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Adam D.H. Grant at NOVAtime 2014 Encounters Conference Feb 2014

Adam D.H. Grant was a speaker at the Second Annual NOVAtime User Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5th, 2014. His presentation, titled “Use of Mobile Apps in the Workplace: Privacy and Security”, addressed the increased use of mobile apps and devices in the workplace, and what precautions companies may take in order to secure confidential company and client information.

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2014: Balancing Privacy and The Internet of Things by Adam D.H. Grant Feb 2014

The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) clearly demonstrated that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is no longer the industry buzzword of a few years ago, but is now well entrenched as a market reality. What remains unclear is just how policy makers and legislatures will react to what appears to be the next step in the digital age.

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Gary Barr and Terry Sternberg – Westlake Lawyer Affinity Group Inaugural Speakers Jan 2014

Gary L. Barr and Terry Sternberg made a presentation at the inaugural meeting of the Provisors Westlake Lawyer Affinity Group held on Friday, January 17th. Both Gary and Terry are business and real estate litigators with over 30 years of practice experience. The two met in 1998 through Provisors and have been both co-counsel and adversaries on cases.


Cartoons, Kittens and Super Heroes by Adam D.H. Grant Jan 2014

Reflecting on this past year, it is clear that the Federal Trade Commission used 2013 to make a strong statement about privacy and mobile apps. The FTC reached into many industries utilizing mobile apps, but it appeared to reserve its strongest hold for industries relying upon children who use mobile apps.

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Adam D.H. Grant Quoted on Snapchat Security Breach Article Jan 2014

Adam D.H. Grant was interviewed and quoted on’s January 3rd article titled “Snapchat Hacking: Why Government Probes Are Likely” by Brent Lang. The popular social media app, Snapchat has been in the news recently for a security breach that may have exposed personal information of its more than 4 million users.

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Connectivity Today and Beyond by Adam D.H. Grant Dec 2013

Mobile apps have literally changed how we interact with others, connect with the physical world, and learn about both. Imagine a world where a refrigerator could sense a power outage and send a signal to your smart phone via an app and advise you if there is a potential food safety hazard. Or possibly a sleep sensor next to your [...]