Adam Grant and Ryan Koczara Prevail in Complex Case Posted by Admin on Jul 09 2018

Alpert, Barr & Grant is pleased to announce that Adam D.H. Grant and Ryan T. Koczara recently prevailed on a motion for terminating sanctions filed against a defendant who defrauded a client.


As part of the ruling, the trial court struck the defendant’s answer and entered his default.  This result is rare, as oftentimes less severe sanctions are levied.  However in this case, Messrs. Grant and Koczara successfully persuaded the court that a harsh sanction was appropriate because the defendant failed to thoroughly respond to interrogatories, and subsequently violated a court order that required him to serve supplemental responses to interrogatories.  The client may now obtain a judgment against the defendant by submitting default prove-up papers to the court.


We commend Adam and Ryan for their outstanding work on this matter!