Adam D.H. Grant Prevails with Defense Verdict in Breach of Contract Case Posted by Admin on Sep 04 2018



We are pleased to announce that Adam D.H. Grant prevailed with a defense verdict in a contentious breach of contract case following a 7-day jury trial in Ventura County Superior Court.


The matter began in 2014 with allegations of fraud, negligence, breach of contract and claims for damages in excess of $100,000.00 against the principal and the company.  Prior to trial, Adam obtained a dismissal of the entire action against the principal and obtained a dismissal of two causes of action, leaving only the claim of breach of contract for trial.  After several attempts to formally and informally resolve the matter, trial commenced.


At trial, Adam Grant successfully proved that no breach occurred, and our clients performed in accordance with the written contract between parties.  The Judgment was entered in favor of the defense, and our clients are now entitled to recover all attorneys’ fees and costs.


Congratulations Adam on another tremendous job!