Adam D.H. Grant Obtains Defense Verdict In Contentious Orange Country Embezzlement Case Posted by on May 16 2011

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIF.–On May 2, 2011 after four years of contentious litigation, an Orange County jury returned a defense verdict in a matter alleging embezzlement and self-dealing (International Space Optics, S.A. vs. Hamasaki, Orange County Superior Court Case No. 07CC04325).


International Space Optics (ISO), a Costa Mesa, Calif.-based importer and seller of lenses and cameras, filed a complaint on March 24, 2007 against defendants Paul Hamasaki and Scott Hamasaki claiming the father and son, along with other family members, took approximately $5 million and engaged in self-dealing transactions related to ISO’s products. It specifically accused Paul Hamasaki, a former ISO general manager, of secretly forcing ISO to do business with two companies Hamasaki partially owned.


Adam D.H. Grant, a partner with the Encino, California law firm of Alpert, Barr & Grant, represented Paul and Scott Hamasaki. After numerous witnesses and hundreds of exhibits involving approximately 1,083 transactions, the jury deliberated for three days and found in favor of the Hamasakis on all claims.


The jury also found that ISO was responsible for its own damages.


Grant stated, “We are pleased our clients had their day in court and that the jury felt our clients should prevail. We believe ISO should never have filed the action and that ISO perpetrated this ruse to gain complete control of ISO.”