About Us - Alpert, Barr and Grant Building Photo Taken From Outside

Ask leading businesses what their toughest legal challenges are and at the top of the list is the issue of managing their matters. Legal solutions with a predictable path are what our clients tell us are the most important aspects of managing and resolving conflicts, and completing transactions. We at Alpert Barr & Grant work with our clients to establish long and caring relationships built on trust and client satisfaction.


Our relationships stand the test of time. Long recognized as a law firm with a reputation for getting the job done, we turn our connections into solutions for all of our clients’ legal and lobbying concerns. With over 30-years of experience in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles communities, our contacts run deep and wide and are based on trust and shared commitment to our community.


We are a dynamic boutique firm that means business. At Alpert Barr & Grant we work as a team to serve our clients responsively. Our strong relationships extend beyond those with our clients, many members of our staff have been with us for over ten years. When it’s time to take action for our clients we have the internal know-how to get the job done.