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AB&G Stories: Volunteerism Posted by Admin on Jul 18 2018

Alpert, Barr & Grant is a firm rooted in the community.  As a long-time leader and supporter of innumerable community based projects and organizations, the firm promotes a culture of volunteerism and altruistic acts.


Crystal Cumatz, a fairly new member of the firm, did not set out to become involved in her community of Granada Hills.  However, through a religious organization, she was exposed to the many challenges facing the community, including that of hunger and homelessness.  Through the organization’s projects, Crystal became involved with the Los Angeles Food Bank where she helps serve and feed hundreds of people every week.  In her three years as a volunteer, Crystal has developed a heart for the needy and has become so committed to the project, that she took initiative to alter her work schedule in order to make herself available during the food bank’s service hours.


When asked what prompted her to increase her participation in the food bank’s project, Crystal said she has been so blessed and privileged all her life, and this is now her chance to give back.  Her involvement with the food bank has also helped her realize that our communities need all the help they can get, and what may seem like a small contribution to someone, may mean the world to another.


We commend Crystal for her commitment to improving the lives of those in her community, and are proud to have her on the AB&G team.


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