Alicia Alvarez 2019 Graduation
AB&G Stories: Class of 2019 Posted by Admin on Jun 11 2019

At Alpert, Barr & Grant, we believe that one of the firm’s greatest strengths is our people.  We aspire to create an environment that fosters productivity and personal growth, while providing our clients with excellent legal service. Our attorneys and staff are consistently encouraged to pursue programs and opportunities to improve their craft, and expand their knowledge and expertise.

Alicia Alvarez has been a part of the AB&G team for over three years.  With some scheduling flexibility from the firm, she has managed to maintain a full-time work schedule while consistently taking a full-load of college classes each semester.  Additionally, she also managed to complete a year-long internship at Child Development Institute (CDI), a non-profit organization that helps children reach their full potential by supporting the relationships and environments that shape early development.  Alicia has such an affinity to this cause, that after completing her internship, she chose to continue volunteering her time on weekends by conducting developmental screenings for CDI.

As a result of all her hard work and perseverance, Alicia is now a proud member of the graduating class of 2019, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Child and Adolescent Development from the College of Health and Human Development at California State University Northridge (CSUN).  This accomplishment is made even more special, and inspiring, because Alicia is also the first in her family to graduate from college.

We heartily congratulate Alicia on her graduation, and are extremely proud to have her on our team!