Mark S. Blackman Article Published in Daily Journal Posted by Admin on Oct 24 2016

An article by Mark S. Blackman titled, “Court Weighs Relief Under the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights,” was published on the October 10th edition of the Daily Journal.  The article discusses the recent ruling by the Court of Appeal in Luciano v. Bank of America, 2016 DJDAR 9360 (Sept. 7, 2016).  The Court of Appeal once again clarified that actions for injunctive relief brought under the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights (HBOR) are limited to a very narrow set of HBOR violations.  The article also examines recent rulings from the California Supreme Court in Yvanova v. New Century Mortgage, 62 Cal. 4th 919 (2016) and other cases in which a borrower sought to challenge the loan assignment and the parties who assert ownership of a loan.