What is an Outside General Counsel? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Dec 03 2015


Many business owners believe that they have a good understanding of the laws that relate to and apply to their businesses. They routinely rely on this “working knowledge,” without realizing that it often places their company at a disadvantage. Depending on the type business, a diverse and multi-layered set of laws may govern a typical enterprise and navigating […]

Business Recordkeeping Posted by Gary Barr on Nov 19 2015


Starting a business entails a lot of paperwork and operating a business generates even more paper. Although a tedious task, it is a necessary one that can test the patience of business owners.


In my years of law practice, I have found business owners tend to fall into one of two categories: (1) people who keep any […]

Possibly a Faster Court Process for Clients and Relief for California Courts Posted by Mark S. Blackman on Nov 03 2015

The congestion in California courts has prompted Governor Jerry Brown to sign Senate Bill 383, a bill by State Senator Bob Wieckowski that aims to streamline the demurrer process (explained in the next paragraph) in the hope that it will relieve some of the court’s burden.


Demurrers are written objections to pleadings filed by an opposing party which are […]

An Invaluable Often Overlooked Tool Posted by Gary Barr on Oct 27 2015

Many businesses start small, perhaps as a home-based enterprise, with little more than a dream and an idea. These ventures may start with little risk, however, as a business grows so do the financial and legal implications.


In over 30-years of practice as both a litigator and representing numerous businesses as outside general counsel, I have seen time and […]

Seismic Retrofitting Laws Face Financing Hurdle Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Oct 14 2015

The 8.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile in early September resulted in significant damage and loss of life, as well as tsunami warnings on the California and Hawaiian coasts. This latest quake is a good reminder of the dangers of ‘The Big One.’ Being that seismic danger is unpredictable, our elected leaders in the City of Los Angeles and the […]

California Requires Something New! Posted by Adam Grant on Oct 08 2015

As privacy and security concerns continue to grow, our government officials are finding new and creative ways to address privacy violations. In a settlement agreement to resolve a recent complaint against Houzz, Inc. for breach of customer privacy, in addition to monetary fines and penalties amounting to $175,000.00, California Attorney General Kamala Harris imposed a unique penalty on the Palo […]

Uber Here, Uber There, Uber Everywhere; A View Based on Dr. Seuss’ Version of the Law Posted by Adam Grant on Sep 08 2015

For those who do not know, Uber is a car service which relies on the use of a mobile application downloaded to a customer’s smart phone. Uber operates “by signing up” vehicles whose drivers provide transportation to paying customers. These customers agree to Uber’s terms and conditions by using the service “and downloading, installing or using” the Uber app. Uber […]

Getting Started: Forming an LLC Posted by Gary Barr on Aug 18 2015

Now that you have figured out the type of business you want, have tested the waters and found that there is a strong market for your products and/or services, you are ready to take the leap and formalize your business. Having done your research on the different types of business formations, you have chosen to go with the limited liability […]


This is the last in a series of blogs dealing with common issues new businesses face. The comments in these blogs also apply to existing businesses who are not operating at peak legal efficiencies which can lead to problems down the road.


All businesses should consider the following:


An Exit Strategy: It is hard to think about an […]

FTC Forms New Technology Research and Investigations Office Posted by Adam Grant on Mar 31 2015

In its continued effort to proactively protect consumers in this increasingly digital world, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently announced the formation of a new Office of Technology Research and Investigation (OTRI) within the Bureau of Consumer Protection. The OTRI will be tasked to provide the FTC with expert research, investigative techniques and insights with regard to technology issues in […]

Lobbying: What’s Taking So Long? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Mar 11 2015

Hundreds, if not thousands, of projects and issues are presented to, reviewed and evaluated by decision makers in both government and government-run entities on a regular basis. Even though government representatives work tirelessly to give each proposal its due consideration, resources are limited. The tremendous number of propositions for consideration makes it crucial to not only ensure that proposals have […]