What’s Mediation? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Aug 30 2016


The alternative dispute resolution or mediation process is an outstanding alternative to our overburdened courts. Mediation, whether it be voluntary or mandatory, allows all parties to present their arguments in a less intimidating and non-threatening atmosphere that ultimately fosters better relations between parties. Additionally, mediation tends to be more cost efficient and expeditious when compared to judicial proceedings, […]

Which Comes First, Public Safety or Personal Privacy? Posted by Adam D.H. Grant on Aug 04 2016

In the aftermath of the tragic February 2016 mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, technology and the law collided and brought about questions about public safety and personal privacy. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) needed to access the deceased gunman’s cell phone to retrieve what they deemed to be information vital to their investigation, and even national security.


California Supreme Court Opens Door to Limited Post-Foreclosure Challenges Posted by Mark S. Blackman on Jul 20 2016


Consider a scenario where in 2006, a borrower bought a house in California thru NCM Mortgage. Five years later, in 2011, NCM Mortgage assigned the loan to MS Trust. The terms of the MS Trust required that all transfers into the trust must be completed no later than December 31, 2007. Sometime thereafter, the borrower defaulted on the […]

What Happens When Things Go South? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Jun 14 2016


New partnerships and businesses are formed every day, all in hopes of hitting it big and flourishing in their specific markets. However, an overwhelming number of new entrepreneurs and even seasoned professionals, fail to consider what will happen should the business relationship go south.   In the beginning, people starting new ventures tend to wear rose-colored glasses and think […]

How Much Time Do You Spend Online Daily? Posted by Adam Grant on May 10 2016


Studies estimate that an average person spends 20 hours per week online, or 2.8 hours daily. This number increases dramatically when it comes to millennials and the iGeneration who, as social natives, can spend upwards of 15 hours per day online between work, school and recreation. The prevalence of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, have only come […]

This Too Shall (Sepulveda) Pass? Posted by Alex Kasendorf on Apr 20 2016


Would you be interested in a bus rapid transit link from the North Hollywood Orange Line to the Gold Line in Pasadena? An East Valley Transit Corridor rail line from the Sylmar Metrolink station down Van Nuys Boulevard to the Sherman Oaks Orange Line? What about an upgrade to the Orange Line bus rapid transit between Chatsworth and […]

What About Our Kids? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Mar 24 2016



Those of us who are blessed to live in this wonderful State of California with its great weather and opportunities are unfortunately forced to live with the danger and deaths caused by unpredictable earthquakes.


Over the years, the Los Angeles City Department of Building and Safety has substantially increased their building requirements to protect us in […]

Terms, Conditions and Notices: To Read or Not to Read Posted by Adam Grant on Mar 03 2016




The popularity and growth of free mobile applications has far out-paced that of paid apps. Although developers still continue to produce and publish an impressive number of free products, some companies have begun to monetize their services by converting many of their popular products from free to paid apps.


As consumers’ reliance on mobile […]

Where is the Humanity? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Feb 24 2016



The sudden passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has left an enormous void in the nation’s highest Court. Whether people agreed or disagreed with his legal opinions or politics, Justice Scalia’s almost thirty years of service not only helped shape this country, but his mere presence demanded respect and arguably gave further credence to the Court. […]

Insurance and the Internet of Things Posted by Adam Grant on Jan 21 2016



As a technology aficionado, the impact that the Internet of Things (IoT) has made and continues to make in our lives comes as no surprise. IoT technology has effortlessly changed the way we live, work, communicate, function, shop, manage our health, conduct business and even how we drive.


Many businesses have recognized the value of IoT, […]

Kudos Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Dec 30 2015


It has recently come to my attention that I cannot recall the last time I read an article in the press, or heard or saw a story on television or radio about one of our elected or appointed officials being praised, and only praised, for an accomplishment regardless of which level of government they represent.


The media […]

What is an Outside General Counsel? Posted by Lee Kanon Alpert on Dec 03 2015


Many business owners believe that they have a good understanding of the laws that relate to and apply to their businesses. They routinely rely on this “working knowledge,” without realizing that it often places their company at a disadvantage. Depending on the type business, a diverse and multi-layered set of laws may govern a typical enterprise and navigating […]

Business Recordkeeping Posted by Gary Barr on Nov 19 2015


Starting a business entails a lot of paperwork and operating a business generates even more paper. Although a tedious task, it is a necessary one that can test the patience of business owners.


In my years of law practice, I have found business owners tend to fall into one of two categories: (1) people who keep any […]

Possibly a Faster Court Process for Clients and Relief for California Courts Posted by Mark S. Blackman on Nov 03 2015

The congestion in California courts has prompted Governor Jerry Brown to sign Senate Bill 383, a bill by State Senator Bob Wieckowski that aims to streamline the demurrer process (explained in the next paragraph) in the hope that it will relieve some of the court’s burden.


Demurrers are written objections to pleadings filed by an opposing party which are […]

An Invaluable Often Overlooked Tool Posted by Gary Barr on Oct 27 2015

Many businesses start small, perhaps as a home-based enterprise, with little more than a dream and an idea. These ventures may start with little risk, however, as a business grows so do the financial and legal implications.


In over 30-years of practice as both a litigator and representing numerous businesses as outside general counsel, I have seen time and […]