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Leadership is a process through which a person influences and motivates others to get involved in accomplishment of a particular task. This single definition, although universally accepted, fails to define the particular paths and ways of people who are deemed as great leaders. All great leaders had something unique about them and yet they were bound by greatness that helped them to lead masses to innovation and new ideologies.

The Perfectly Mediated Solution

Adam Grant knew what he had to do even before his induction as President of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association in October of 2013.

Budget cuts in Los Angeles eliminated the Alternative Dispute Resolution program in the surrounding LA communities such as the SF Valley. This meant that for matters with less to dispute than $50K, well, all of these cases would have to go to court. This would cause an enormous back log in the courts and cause litigants a significant amount of money to go to trial instead of resolving their claims through a free program monitored by the courts.

Rather than waiting until he became president, 12-months before his induction, Adam began to organize a Valley Bar Mediation Center. He gathered professional mediators who volunteered to donate time to mediate disputes. He reached out to a professor at CA State Northridge to provide training, and found business development professionals to establish a charitable foundation for the fledgling mediation center. Along the way Adam formed a board of directors to organize and provide oversight for this much needed program.

All of this got done and mediations started at the Valley Bar Mediation Center even before he took office. Adam Grant – a leader who looks for solutions.

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The Most Cherished Home of All

The faces of the recipients showed it all. A severely injured or disabled veteran receiving a new manufactured home fully outfitted to accommodate his specific disability needs. Providing dignity with functionality is among the most important attributes of the program.

Since 2002, Gary Barr has been an officer and active participant in the California Manufactured Housing Institute Foundation. This Foundation was organized to help those who suffer catastrophic losses or injuries and who are in dire need of new and functional housing. As a founding member of the organization, Gary has helped to lead this auspicious project from concept to reality.

Always ready to use his leadership skills to make things run just right, Gary Barr currently serves as the managing shareholder of Alpert Barr & Grant.

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Tick, Tick, Tick…

It was crisis time. The year was 2008. Lee Kanon Alpert was Chairman of the Board of Tenet Healthcare’s prestigious Tarzana Hospital. Tenet was selling many of its California hospitals rather than incur the huge costs of the state’s new mandated extensive earthquake retrofitting laws. Initially it was felt that the hospital would sell quickly. However the ownership of the land lease, owned by a REIT, and leased by Tenet for the hospital became a huge deterrent to the sale of the hospital.

This situation was alarming and problematic to the community. It was not prepared to lose such a highly ranked and necessary medical facility that provided so many needed services for the community. Time was ticking away and the remaining time on the land lease became shorter and shorter over the three-year period that Tenet tried to sell the facility.

Lee realized that he had to do something immediate and drastic. He encouraged the Board of the hospital, the medical staff and even the nurse’s union to join forces and Lee led a charge to Sacramento to get legislation passed that would make the sale of the hospital more palatable. Lee donated his legal services and time to initiate the legislation, help draft it, coordinate with the unions, and garner support from the doctors and medical staff. They were told their efforts were futile by the California Hospital Association, other medical related groups, the REIT community and those in opposition to the legislation.

Lee and his team persevered going from office to office at the State Capitol; no one gave up despite the huge odds they were facing. In a surprise to the opposition, the bills were passed out of committee and were sent to the full legislature.

Within a few short months, miraculously, the REIT sold their property and Tenet sold their hospital, both, to Providence Health and Services, a well respected not for profit 5 state group of hospitals. Subsequent to the transactions, Lee’s team consented to dropping the legislation.

Thus, Providence Tarzana hospital, once on the brink of closing its doors, today remains one of the finest gold standard facilities in the Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. This was a complex coordinated strategic leadership effort at its finest.

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Pass the Turkey, Please!

The holiday season can often engulf us with its fast pace and focus on our families and gifts. Perhaps we might even lose sight of the fact that these can be challenging times for many.

Some leaders in the community try to remember that during this season charitable organizations have an even greater need than ever. Over ten years ago, Mark Blackman took such a leadership role helping to start a grassroots community effort to donate frozen turkeys to charities in the West San Fernando Valley. To date their efforts have resulted in the collection and distribution of over 1,000 turkeys to local charitable organizations including the West Valley Food Pantry, Pacific Lodge Boys Home, Angel’s Way and Haven Hills, as well as providing turkeys for the Rotary Club’s annual Thanksgiving Dinner for seniors held at the Sagebrush Cantina. Don’t hesitate to join in the action by donating a turkey to Pass the Turkey.

Mark has been and continues to be an active leader in various other community outreach programs such as Blanket the Homeless and the Valley Community Legal Foundation. Mark is making a difference.

If you’d like to help these worthy organizations, please see below for their contact information:
Pass the Turkey – (818) 313-9545 / (818) 827-5156
Blanket the Homeless – (818) 227-0490
Valley Community Legal Foundation – (818) 227-0490

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The Future is Bright

San Fernando Valley Jaycee of the Year. San Fernando Valley Business Journal 40 under 40. Super Lawyer Rising Star. Alexander S. Kasendorf is an emerging leader in the San Fernando Valley and beyond. The recognitions he has received this past year demonstrate that there are young leaders amongst us that will carry the flame for our community and Alex is at the head of that pack. He is passionate about the world around him and that passion resonates in the drive and enthusiasm he offers to his clients. And to top it off, he is the incoming President for the San Fernando Valley Jaycees. The future looks bright.

As Alex accedes to his role as President of the San Fernando Valley Jaycees, he will look to engage the community in civic collaboration and reciprocal goodwill. He anticipates that the group will have the opportunity to meet with established political, civic and business leaders and learn from their paths. This will in turn assist the members in find their own paths to leadership and growth opportunities. In the past year, Alex has spearheaded projects with a local homeless shelter and organized workshops with local politicians and heads of civic and business organizations. His goal is to increase the ranks of the San Fernando Valley Jaycees and develop a ubiquitous presence in our community.

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