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Leadership is a process through which a person influences and motivates others to get involved in accomplishment of a particular task. This single definition, although universally accepted, fails to define the particular paths and ways of people who are deemed as great leaders. All great leaders had something unique about them and yet they were bound by greatness that helped them to lead masses to innovation and new ideologies.

Education, Leadership and Paying It Forward

Alex Martin Chaves learned the value of a college education early in life.  Although born to parents that had worked in a family owned business their entire lives and not had the opportunity to attend college, his parents taught Alex the value of hard work, good ethics and morals and the significance of a good education.  In 1967, his father, Alex Sr., started Parking Company of America, a parking service company with only one client. Today, PCAM, over fifty years later, that venture has grown into an exceedingly well-respected industry leader providing a myriad of services including parking management, transportation and shuttle services, valet, hospitality, and airport parking  for a multiplicity of businesses,  including health care, hotels, businesses, country clubs and beyond.  With facilities, now, in five states and over 1400 employees, PCAM is one of the few minority owned and operated companies in this industry.  A true family business where Alex, his parents and siblings are all actively involved in the company’s operations and now in its successes.


Having been involved with PCAM since his teenage years, one could surmise that Alex grew up within the industry, and therefore possesses unrivaled insight, exposure and familiarity with its operations and management.  However, in speaking with Alex, he is quick to point out that the strides he has made with the company would not likely have been possible without his parents’ support and his Mother’s prodding hard to complete his education for his sake and that of the business.


As a first generation college graduate, Alex earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).  He humbly attributes a good portion of his success to the training and education he received in college, and often refers to this as a cornerstone of who he is and what he has accomplished both personally and professionally.  Recognizing the impact the college experience has made in his life, Alex has been actively involved in the LMU community and the LMU Board of Trustees, and continually seeks ways of giving back.  In particular, he has found his involvement with the school’s scholarship board to be a fulfilling experience, as he is not only able to help encourage and enable others to complete their education, but also give back to the community that has been so good to him, his family and their business.


As a businessman, Alex has been a guiding force behind PCAM since the late 1980’s, when as its Chief Executive, his vision and foresight helped steer the company into exponential growth, doubling the company’s size in only three short years. His phenomenal success in business was recognized by the members of the Young President’s Organization (YPO), which eventually welcomed him into their group of young, promising and high achieving business leaders. Alex’s involvement in YPO allowed him to interact with other young leaders, who enthusiastically impart valuable knowledge, skills and insight to all the members of the organization. The mentoring Alex received from other senior YPO members was invaluable and undoubtedly helped open more opportunities for both him and PCAM.


Outside of business, Alex has also been actively involved with a variety of community and charitable organizations including the East Los Angeles YMCA, for which he served as a Board Member, Para Los Niños, an organization that seeks to close the achievement gap for children in poverty, and many other community-based and religious charities.


When asked what comes next for him, Alex mentions that he looks forward to getting more involved with an organization called Smile Train, which helps provide children born with cleft lip and palate with the proper aid and care to enable them to grow up and lead better lives. Alex recognizes that he has been so blessed by kindness of others throughout his life, and working with Smile Trains is one of the ways he can pay it forward. He believes that children just need to be given a fair chance to thrive, and there is no limit to what they can achieve.


If Alex could share some advice to someone just starting out in life or in business, it would be to take time to listen, to develop personal relationships and to not sweat the small stuff. In his experience, most people define leadership as running the conversation, however in doing so, one might fail to listen to other points of view and overlook important parts of the argument. As a leader, if you take a moment to step back, listen and digest what others are trying to communicate, you would be better equipped to respond and move the conversation forward. Additionally, in this day and age of impersonal emails, text messages and remote faceless relationships, Alex has found that cultivating personal relationships with peers, clients and vendors can go a long way. Making that extra effort to personally introduce yourself, and to make that connection, could set the tone for a long and productive business relationship. Furthermore, a good leader recognizes that everyone has something to offer, and it is up to that leader to tap into that strength to utilize it for the greatest good. Finally, a leader must somehow manage to strike the right balance in life and in business and recognize that they cannot control everything.   After years in the business, Alex has come to find that things have a way of working themselves out, and you don’t have to fix everything.   One should try to take some time to sit back and realize that the world will not come to an end if you decide to take some time off to spend time with your family, or watch your son or daughter in that school play or sports game, or do other things that you love.


Alex Martin Chaves is a business leader who was fortunate to be the recipient of so many great opportunities throughout his career. By capitalizing on those opportunities, he helped steer PCAM into what it is today, a successful industry leader with a reputation for excellence. Alex is a hard-working, focused and conscientious leader who recognizes that he is where he is today partly because of the kindness of others, and so he is doing all he can to pay it forward.   He is truly an inspiring leader!

Unexpected Path to Leadership

As children we gleefully declare, “I want to be a policeman,” or “I’m going to be a doctor,” or perhaps, “I want to be President of the United States.” Some people are fortunate to know exactly who and what they want to become at a young age. Many of them are even luckier to live out to their aspirations, but there seems to be a greater number of us who have to invest a little more time in determining our life’s paths.


Jeffrey Glassman intended to study chemical engineering at UC Berkeley but found that it was not a good fit, and left school after only 6 weeks. He followed his instincts, took a step back and found work at the local Fedco which allowed him some time to consider his options. Not long after, he began attending UCLA where he earned a degree in Political Science and, with some prodding from friends, continued to Loyola Law School. Although he did not plan on becoming a lawyer, Jeffrey had a natural knack for it and graduated magna cum laude. After passing the Bar, he went on to work for a number of notable law firms where he rose through the ranks and earned the position of partner, specializing in estate planning, probate and trust administration.


Through the course of his practice, Jeffrey was exposed to and worked closely with many affluent individuals, company executives and important decision-makers. It was during this time that he recognized the need for trustworthy, reliable and efficient wealth management. In 2003, in addition to serving as Attorney-of-Counsel at Bingham McCutchen, Jeffrey was tasked with starting the Los Angeles office of Bingham Legg Advisers LLC, the law firm’s wealth management arm. He performed very well in the new capacity and enjoyed his new role so much that several years later, when the money management firm was sold to another company, Jeffrey and a partner purchased the Los Angeles office and merged it into Covington Capital Management, a wealth management firm created by several former U.S. Trust employees. Today, Covington Capital Management employs 20 employees and manages over 2 billion dollars in investments.


Jeffrey’s career progressed and evolved naturally, and the same is true about his community involvement. His exposure to clients like former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and the late Hollywood producer Hal Wallis, undoubtedly leaders and heavyweights in their respective fields, inspired Jeffrey to become more actively involved in the community through their strong philanthropic inclination and commitment. Now, both Jeffrey and his wife, Cecilia, are pillars of the community, tirelessly giving of their time, energy and resources to many deserving organizations. Jeffrey currently serves on the Board of Directors or Trustees of the Wallis Foundation, the Riordan Foundation, Loyola Marymount University, Art Center College of Design, Southern California Grantmakers, and Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission. Additionally, Jeffrey served as a Director of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), a Washington based non-governmental organization which provides election assistance in emerging democracies around the world. Cecilia currently serves as Executive Director of the Los Angeles Police Foundation and is a Board Member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Board of Directors.


Another organization very close to Jeffrey’s heart, and for which he currently serves as Board Chairman, is the Los Angeles Jewish Home for the Aging (JHA), a non-profit high quality comprehensive senior care provider and facility located in and the around the San Fernando Valley, and soon in West Los Angeles. JHA holds the distinction of being the largest single-source provider of senior housing in Los Angeles, and in addition, serves over 5,000 people in various capacities including community-based, in-your-home and residential care services. Jeffrey’s strong affinity to the organization can be partly attributed to the fact that both his mother and grandfather were recipients of the organization’s wonderful standard of care. JHA is an integral part of the community as it provides invaluable assistance to the often overlooked and underserved segment of our society, our elderly. It is important to note that although the care provided is mindful of the Jewish faith, a significant percentage of the JHA’s residents and beneficiaries are of other beliefs, and over 70% of all residents and care beneficiaries rely on government assistance. It is remarkable how the JHA has been providing a tremendous level service to the community, on a non-profit basis, for over 100 years. Surely, under Jeffrey’s leadership and guidance, the organization will soar to even greater heights and continue to be a terrific asset to our society.


Jeffrey’s path to leadership and success in so many aspects of life is truly inspiring, but his humility about it all is simply extraordinary. He cites the gift of good judgment, the willingness to listen and the ability to connect with people from different backgrounds as the reasons for his success. When asked what has kept him humble despite all that he has achieved in life, Jeffrey simply attributes it all back to the love of family and pure luck. Luck does at times play a role in our lives, but in the same way Jeffrey considers himself lucky, we are even luckier to call Jeffrey a friend and a partner in the community.

Leader Shaped By Experience

Our life’s experiences shape who we are. Sepand Samzadeh experienced war and turmoil at a young age in his native Iran, until 1986 when his family immigrated from the country seeking stability and brighter opportunities. As an immigrant in Spain, Canada, and the United States, Sepand was exposed to new cultures, diverse people and varying environs. He and his family had to adapt to new customs and traditions, which in turn helped them broaden their understanding of others, triumph over adversities and reinforce the value of hard work.


In 1994, Sepand’s father Sam, came to the United States and established Valley Recycling Center, a waste and recycling company in Chatsworth, California. Sepand joined his father in the family business in 2001, and was later named Chief Executive Officer in 2006. Under his leadership, the company grew to over five times its original size and has been consistently recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States by various publications including and the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Business Journals. Sepand’s education, a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University, has proven to be an invaluable asset in running the business as it has allowed him to maximize the company’s potential and even exceed what his father first envisioned for the company.  Through it all, he remains humble and is quick to point out that none of the accolades he and the company have received would be possible without his father’s foresight in investing in the enterprise over 20 years ago.


Even with a growing company under his watch, Sepand has found the time to enjoy his life’s passions, as well as become an active member of the community. For many years, Sepand has been a part of a little known band called, Days Between Stations, a progressive rock band that has gained much success and won multiple Album of the Year awards for their sophomore album titled “In Extremis.” He has also assumed a number of leadership roles in a myriad of community based organizations, including serving on the boards of the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley, Habitat for Humanity, Val*Pac, Valley Industry & Commerce (VICA) and Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business’ Board of Visitors. Los Angeles City leaders have also recognized his aptitude for leadership and appointed him to serve as Commissioner of the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety in 2012.


Recently, Sepand has started to embrace his culture and is now more open about helping others understand and appreciate its rich heritage. To this end, he joined the Farhang Foundation, a non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit cultural organization that seeks to promote the study and research of Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large. His increased openness about his heritage has also led Sepand to realize that an effective leader is someone who fosters harmony between cultures and people, and what better way to understand each other but to share our heritage and beliefs.


Finally, we have always been taught that in order to change the world we must think big. However, as Sepand points out if you really think about it, change begins at home. Once you realize that effectuating change within your community makes the most impactful difference, you may come to realize that that is what matters most. So when asked how he would like to be remembered, Sepand takes a moment and then says that the greatest compliment he could ever receive is that he has been a good father to his children and husband to his wife, Shideh.


Sepand’s life experiences has truly shaped who he is today, a responsible member of the community that has remained humble in spite of all of his accomplishments. With people like Sepand in our community, the future surely looks bright!



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Leadership & Volunteerism

When a project of significance is stirring in the City of Los Angeles and it isn’t getting done, you would often find the name and person of Steve Soboroff being added in the mix to make it happen. Through the years, he has earned a reputation for being the not-so-secret major ingredient to some of the most important deals brokered in and for this City, many on a volunteer basis. Staples Center. Alameda Corridor. Playa Vista. Steve was a key player, if not the architect, of these massive multi-billion dollar projects that have greatly benefited our City and forever changed its landscape.



In 1978, he established Soboroff Partners, a real estate company that deals primarily in shopping center development and leasing (many of them vacant big box properties in poor neighborhoods which need their jobs and revenues), in which he has found great success. Despite the demands of business, Steve has always found the time to give back to the community, serving in a myriad of civic organizations and government commissions including the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission, the California Science Center (specifically for the Space Shutter Endeavor project), and the Maccabiah Games “Committee of 18”. Furthermore for over 47-years, Steve has been active in the community-based mentorship program Big Brothers/Big Sisters, for which he currently serves on the board of the Greater Los Angeles chapter. Never one to pass on an opportunity to give back, in 2013 Steve personally reached out to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and volunteered to serve on the controversial but highly important and prestigious Los Angeles Police Commission, for which he now serves as Commission President.



Steve has been vocal about his belief that private enterprises should strive to achieve their objectives while benefiting the common good. To this end, his track record speaks of his dedication to improving the lives of those underserved in the community. This is evident in his strong record of creating, improving and protecting open space and park land for the benefit of city residents, as exhibited by his work in Playa Vista and the Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Commission. Moreover, Steve’s involvement as President of the Board of the Weingart Foundation, a private, nonprofit grant-making organization which works to provide grants and support to improve the capacity and sustainability of nonprofit organizations, especially those serving the underprivileged, further reinforces this principle.



With countless awards and accolades to his name, including “Business Statesman of the Year” from Harvard Business School and the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Steve has remarkably remained the unpretentious and relatable “Uncle Steve” of the community. He has an uncanny ability of making people feel comfortable to express differing opinions about various topics, which in turn allows him to eventually bridge the gap and negotiate an equitable compromise between parties that are typically odds.



His illustrious career, tireless leadership and undeniable contributions to our community have earned him the respect of not only his peers, but of those in the communities he serves. Former Mayor Richard Riordan, may have given Steve the greatest tribute when he said the Illinois-born businessman, “challenges Eli Broad for the title of greatest Angeleno.”



However, when you talk to Steve about his greatest accomplishments he never hesitates to refer to his 5 children and wonderful wife of many years. “They are my true priority in life and what make me tick. They are always first in my life no matter what!” says Soboroff. He proves this by his mostly successful daily dinners with the family or, if necessary to be out, coming home first and then if available, taking at least one or two of them with him to experience Los Angeles and the importance of volunteerism.



We are indeed fortunate to have Steve Soboroff in our midst, and his leadership and commitment in our great City is truly beyond compare!

Breaking Through the Glass


Jane A. Skeeter is a woman at the top of her game.  Creative and artistically inclined, Jane has honed her talents and skills and utilized them with great success.  With over 40 years of experience, clients around the world and multiple patented products under her belt, Jane is undeniably a leader and innovator in her field.  Jane not only developed her own products, but she also created her own niche in the very specialized and male dominated field of glass fabrication where she has positioned herself as a leader and a trailblazer.


Jane began her illustrious career with Skeeter Studios, a company she founded in 1973 that offered custom designed stained and leaded glass windows, etched shower enclosures and decorative mirrors.  In 1987, she went on to develop a unique heat molding process now known as UltraGlas®.  Today her company, the namesake of the same proprietary heat embossing process; UltraGlas is the top supplier of choice of distinguished architects and designers worldwide.


Under Jane’s guidance, one of UltraGlas’ objectives is to provide high quality products while being environmentally responsible.  Recognizing that millions of tons of scrap architectural glass end up in landfills yearly, Jane developed and patented a process that would aid in recycling these discarded materials and divert them from landfills.  UltraGlas-e®, is a process in which discarded and salvaged glass are processed and repurposed with minimal energy consumption to create beautiful products that are patronized the world over.


Furthermore, as our society grows more dependent on energy, Jane has pioneered the production and introduction of Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) glass panels in the United States.  BIPV glass panels provide a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to solar panels by integrating the solar functionality into decorative and sturdy glass panels while still allowing it to gather energy.  As a U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED-AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional), Jane is always looking for the next “green” inspiration and BIPV is just that.  BIPV glass panels have been utilized in Europe for several years, and Jane is helping facilitate its much needed entry into the American marketplace.


Many would be content with Jane’s countless accomplishments in business, but her leadership extends beyond her company.  Jane is widely involved in the community as an active member of a myriad of community organizations including the National Association of Women Business Owners, for which she served as president, the Valley Economic Alliance, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley, Val*Pac, Valley Economic Alliance, Valley Industry and Commerce Association (VICA) and the West Hills Hospital Board of Trustees.  She also currently serves on the Advisory Boards of Woodbury University School of Business and Promerica Bank where she willingly shares her wealth of knowledge and leadership skills.  According to Jane, her support of these organizations widens her perspective and exposes her to greater diversity of knowledge which helps her become a more fulfilled and knowledgeable person, and a greater asset to her community.


Jane Skeeter is a creative, tireless and forward-thinking business leader and community advocate.  She has built her business from the ground up and has overcome many obstacles in her 40-plus years in the business.   Her humility in spite of the breadth of her accomplishments is truly refreshing.  She is an inspiration and a leader we are fortunate to have her in our community.



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Success Defined By Making a Difference

Austin Beutner embodies the American dream.  From humble beginnings, he knows the value of a good education and the importance of hard work in creating opportunities.  Early in his career, he joined the Blackstone Group, a global investment and advisory firm where he became the youngest partner at the age of 29.  In 1996, he seized an opportunity and started his own firm, Evercore Partners, which he helped build into the leading independent investment bank in the world.

Upon his retirement from Evercore in 2008, Austin focused his energy on civic pursuits and making a difference for others.  Through the years, Austin has led many community and non-profit organizations, including the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), The Broad Stage, Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation and the CalArts Community Arts Partnership.  He has also been tapped by both national and local government officials to serve in several capacities.  In 1994, under President Clinton, Austin was tasked to lead the United States team that helped Russia transition to a market economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  In 2010, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa appointed him as the First Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles and the City’s first Jobs Czar.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Austin has continually searched for ways to make a difference for others and Vision To Learn (VTL) was a perfect match.  His mother, a retired schoolteacher, encouraged her children to read, for she strongly believed that a child must first learn to read and then read to learn.  In 2012, Austin founded Vision To Learn, a non-profit organization, to help address the often overlooked need for vision care in school children in low-income communities.

A study conducted by the UCLA School of Medicine and Public Health found an estimated 250,000 elementary school children in California and 1.5 million children across the United States have vision problems that may be corrected with a pair of glasses.  Sounds simple enough, but the study also found that many of the children with vision impairment live at or below the poverty line, where basic necessities take priority over vision care.

This is where VTL comes in.  If a child with poor vision cannot see the blackboard, then how can they be expected to learn the lessons and be an active participant in class?  VTL seeks to provide children with the proper tools they need to succeed in school and in life.  To date, under Austin’s leadership and through public and private partnerships, the organization has provided more than 125,000 vision screenings, 21,000 eye exams and 17,000 pairs of free glasses to elementary school students in low-income communities in Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento.  The group’s efforts are paying off.  Research has shown there is measurable improvement in student achievement after VTL intervention.  With Austin’s continued leadership, VTL hopes to expand their program nationwide to help more children in need.

Our society often measures success monetarily, and Austin has certainly achieved much in business.  However, his personal definition of success is different from the norm.  Austin recognizes that making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate is a better metric of success.  Our community is fortunate to have a leader in Austin Beutner, whose tireless commitment and problem-solving abilities he so generously shares for the betterment of our community.

When asked what legacy he would like to be remembered by, his countless accomplishments in business and civic pursuits are not even given a second thought.  Instead, Austin would like to be remembered as “The guy who helped many kids get a chance to succeed.”  With Vision To Learn, he is well on his way there.

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Power of the Pedal

Tom Regal is truly a leader in our community.  After graduating with a degree in music from the College of St. Rose, Tom put the pedal to the metal and moved across country to Los Angeles to try his luck in the music industry.  Tom started his career as a music recording engineer, a job that later led him to the film post production industry where he mastered the art of preserving and restoring audio for film, television and music recordings.  Today, Tom is a highly respected industry insider and expert who has, among other things, spearheaded many efforts in the preservation and restoration of countless entertainment films and recordings we enjoy today.

A true leader in his field, Tom was tapped by the Librarian of Congress to serve on the National Film Preservation Board (NFPB). The NFPB is a group that helps design and develop the proper practices and procedures for the restoration and preservation of the country’s most prized films.  Additionally, Tom serves on the boards of other leading industry organizations like the Association of Moving Image Archivists, and is the founder and Program Chair for the Digital Asset Symposium, a forum that seeks to address the full life cycle of digital media assets – from creation to rights management to assuring asset preservation.

Even with a thriving career and an undoubtedly full schedule, Tom has found a way to give back to the community through a cause that is very near and dear to him and his wife, Wendy’s hearts.  The National MS Society, is an organization whose vision is to create a world free of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an unpredictable and often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and the body.

As active supporters of the National MS Society – Tom serves as a Trustee for the Southern California/Nevada Chapter as well as the Chair of the MS Bike Leadership Team – Tom and Wendy Regal have made it their mission to help find a cure for this debilitating disease that has touched their family, and affects millions of people around the world.  Through the organization’s annual “MS Bike” event Tom and Wendy lead their team, “Power of the Pedal”, through 115 miles by bike in difficult terrain from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara over two days.  Through the years, Power of the Pedal has raised tens of thousands of dollars for the benefit of MS research for a cure and continue to find other ways to raise awareness and funds for this worthy cause.  The October 2014 Bike MS: Coastal Challenge will be Tom and Wendy’s eighth year participating in this event, and both pledge to continue to support this organization until the world is free of MS.

Tom’s leadership in the entertainment industry and his willingness to share his knowledge and talent for the betterment of the industry is admirable. His dedication and commitment to family, friends and finding a cure for MS is inspiring and truly commendable. Tom is consistently making a difference and he is a leader we are proud to know.

Click here to learn more about Power of the Pedal and to make a donation for the benefit of the National MS Society.

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Leadership Takes Many Forms – Just Ask George!

What do the Anti-Defamation League, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, the San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club, and the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute have in common? The answer is George Moss.

George M. Moss is a successful, well-respected and highly involved long time San Fernando Valley resident who has consistently and generously given of his time and efforts for the benefit of the community. He is a founding member and a current Director of the Board of the San Fernando Valley Boys and Girls Club where he helped lead and grow the Club from its humble 300 square foot storefront space in 1968 to its beautiful and spacious Northeast San Fernando Valley facility today.

A skillful businessman, George founded the Moss Group in 1983, a commercial real estate property management and development company based in Encino, California. With his hard work and unwavering leadership, the Moss Group has grown into one of the largest independent property management companies in the San Fernando Valley.

George has experience with a myriad of organizations. He was Past President of the City of Los Angeles’ First Board of Environmental Quality Commission, Past Chairman of the Mayor’s Community Advisory Committee, and Past Chairman of the City of Los Angeles Crime Prevention Committee and the Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics Committee. Currently George serves as the President of the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation Commission working under former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and current Mayor Eric Garcetti. These are just some of the positions George has held throughout the years, and with his proven leadership skills there is no question as to why our government officials continue to tap George to serve in various capacities.

When asked what he considers as his greatest accomplishment, George lights up and unhesitatingly says, “First and foremost, my wife and family.” With all of his achievements, it is clear that the titles of husband, father and grandfather are most important to the Moss patriarch. This year, George and his wife Ruth will be celebrating their 60th anniversary, truly a testament to their great commitment not only to each other but to their family.

George’s formula of leadership is one that has been tried and tested. He has found a way to successfully balance family, business and civic duty simultaneously while excelling in all fields. He is always ready, willing and able to help whenever the opportunity arises, and his fervor to serve and improve our community is never-ending. He is truly an inspiration.

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Leading Body and Mind: A journey of wellness and sharing

The quintessential definition of leadership is dealing with adversity and creating something positive and wonderful from it.  That is what Janet Halbert did.

Janet Halbert is a management consultant with JRH Consulting Group, a firm she founded in 1985. She is a Certified Public Accountant with years of experience and is a highly thought of consultant.  However, when Janet was diagnosed with breast cancer, her world was set upside down.  She was committed to beating cancer and to finding anything she could to make her cancer treatments easier on the body and mind.  Her goal was a complete recovery from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Janet conducted a lot of research, spoke with many health care professionals and friends to find ways to ease the process.  A lot of time and energy went into tracking down various items to help her get through the grueling process.

Just finding all of this information and tracking down where to get it was not sufficient for Janet.

Utilizing her management and organizational skills, after she completed treatment, Janet started Hurdle Jumpers® in 2006 to assist others who are about to start or are in the midst of cancer treatment by making chemo or radiation kits available in exchange for a donation to help cover expenses for non-donated items like shipping and storage.  Hurdle Jumpers® kits are designed to make a difference because they are conceived from a patient’s perspective.  Each kit helps patients be involved and active in their own care, helps reduce stress and anxiety, and helps the patient gain a sense of control.  As a cancer survivor, Janet knows what it feels like to start the journey to wellness.  She wants that feeling to be imparted to all cancer patients.

Janet personifies leadership.  She took her own diagnosis and experience and has positively impacted thousands of lives.  We salute Janet for her vision, resolve and efforts. We are proud to call her a friend.

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